250+ New Jobs to Our Community

Local Esso Relaunch Brings 250+ Jobs to Community

Last July, a flurry of activity descended on the Esso on London Line 

The sudden appearance of cranes and construction crews at the normally quiet gas station drea mix of curiosity and excitement 

Within days, the site had undergone an astonishing transformation: brand-new Esso signage, a rebuilt canopy, perfectly landscaped grounds, and an entirely new convenience store fully stocked with a huge assortment of tasty snacks, refreshments, and household essentials. 

Days later, the speedy crew performed the same magic at the other Esso down the road. Then the old Esso on Queens Line in Tilbury, and most recently Bloomfield Road in Chatham.

New and improved K2 Mart Esso at 1670 London Line in Sarnia 

By the end of August, a total of four gas stations in Lambton County and Chatham-Kent had reopened under the management of Canadian-owned K2 Petroleum. 

But the transformations signalled more than a change in management. They were signs of confidence — and of hope — for the region amid a year of economic challenges. 

To date, K2 Petroleum’s investment in small businesses has added over 250 jobs to the local economy across five different K2 Mart Esso locations. 

What’s more, K2 has recently acquired a station in Belleville — promising more opportunities in the community to work, shop, and refuel close to home. 

Announcing the Arrival of K2 Mart

If you stopped by these gas stations before last summer, you could tell that they hadn’t had a fresh coat of paint in years.  

Fuel pumps were tired looking, signs had been damaged, and the old convenience stores at these locations were outdated and sparsely stocked. 

But today, all four sites boast modern Esso signage, a rebuilt canopy, well-manicured grounds, and full-service K2 Mart convenience stores ‒ the first of their kind in Canada. 

And K2 Mart isn’t your ordinary convenience store. More than chips and chocolate bars, you’ll find a wide selection of quality products, daily essentials, travel accessories and of course, fresh coffee. Plus, like all Esso locations, fueling up at K2 Mart Esso earns you PC Optimum points. 

Brand-new K2 Mart at 22216 Bloomfield Road in Chatham 

The sites also feature fast food, weigh scales, fax services, showers, ATMs, and full-service family dining options.  

K2 Mart is truly one-stop shop, which has been especially convenient at a time when most of us are keeping our trips short.  

“Our goal is to simply provide our customers with a friendly, clean and prompt customer experience,” writes a K2 spokesperson. “K2 Mart strives to continue building a strong brand and network where our customers come first.” 

More Than a Change in Management

K2 Petroleum’s team partnered with industry veteran Global Fuels to deliver a quality gas station experience. Long recognized as a leader in Esso and Mobil brand standards, Global Fuels has been awarded Imperial Oil’s Synergy® Achievement Award for their leading work in delivering the Synergy® brand to Canada. 

Over the past two decades, Global Fuels has helped hundreds of independent gas station owners across Canada to upgrade their gas stations — including re-branding, renovations, fuel system testing and commissioning, and acquiring restaurant and convenience store partnerships. 

Global Fuels’ in-depth industry expertise and K2 Group’s skillful management were a winning combination, accelerating the upgrade of four area Esso stations in just six weeks. 

“Together, we share a common goal to consistently meet our customer’s needs and achieve business success,” writes Global Fuels president David Armstrong. Our dealers/operators know they can count on us for competitive rates, knowledgeable support, and reliable deliveries.” 

K2 Mart Esso at 3613 Queens Line in Tilbury, right off the 401  

Putting People First

The sites have been remodeled in more ways than one. K2 is also determined to turn over a new leaf when it comes to staff and customer relationships.  

“Integrity, respect, and accountability are the principles by which we go about the day-to-day business of serving our owners and customers, and how we treat each other as employees,” writes a K2 spokesperson. 

They’ve made it a priority to hire friendly, long-term staff who put people first — and to take care of those employees for years to come. 

“Whether it’s your daily commute or your biggest road trip, it’s your journey and we’re grateful to be a part of it,” writes a K2 spokesperson. 

Visit Your Nearest K2 Mart Esso for a Chance to Get a Free $10 Gas Gift Card 

When you visit a participating K2 Mart Esso location on Saturday, May 22st, 2021, you’ll have a chance to take home $10 gas gift card on us! Quantities are limited, so don’t wait!


  • 1670 London Line – across from Fauld’s Motel and TSC/Peavy Mart 
  • 2097 London Line Rd. – next door to Sarnia RV 


  • 3613 Queens Line – next door to the 18 Wheeler Restaurant 


  • 22216 Bloomfield Road – next door to carpool lot 


  • 902 Wallbridge Loyalist Road – just off the 401, across from John Deere
Esso K2 Mart