We help dealers succeed in the toughest competitive environments

gasstationownerThe strength of Global Fuels is the success and strength of our dealers.

We are very proud to help our dealers succeed in today’s turbulent market place.  One example we are particularly proud of is our location in Fergus Ontario, 820 St. David Street North, owned by proprietor Ranbir Dhalliwal.

Mr. Dhalliwal’s gas retail site joined our network of dealers and became a Global Fuels “Esso” branded site in February 2004. At the time the station processed roughly 3M litres per year. The competitive environment included an Ultramar station directly across the street, a Pioneer corporate site and an Esso competitor (supplied by another distributor) a short distance away in Arthur.

The results:

  • Today Mr. Dhalliwal’s station in Fergus is doing 9 million litres annually.
  • The Esso competition (supplied by another distributor) is now closed.

This type of growth in a fiercely competitive environment is a direct result of our commitment of providing quality Esso products at pricing levels which allow our dealers to been competitive and profitable.

Future plans for Ranbir include converting the “C Store” to an “On The Run” branded outlet, and building a new Esso site with Global Fuels in Northern Ontario.  To learn how Global Fuels can help your retail operation succeed, please contact us.


“Our Pont-Landry Esso is the oldest Esso-branded retailer in Canada, established in 1908, and we’ve doubled our sales since purchasing the business in 2003. Global Fuels has given us tremendous encouragement and support from our first days as new owners and their staff is so knowledgeable and professional they are a pleasure to deal with. Even though we are in a small community, in a small province we always feel as important to Global Fuels as their biggest dealers in large cities.”

Marie-France Landry, Port Landry Esso, New Brunswick.

“We’ve been with Global Fuels for about eleven years and we like the way they do business. We’re near Montreal and we speak French with their staff. My wife is on the phone with Global Fuels almost every day. I like that they are easy to deal with and always straight with us.”

Rejean Guy, Beloeil Esso

“Global Fuels is a good company with good people. You get the feeling they are a family and I’m part of the family. They are always helpful, easy to deal with, and they are very fast to respond to my needs.”

Hamzie Hamvan, Blenheim Esso.

“The transition to Global Fuels was a lot smoother than I expected because communication is so good with the company. I talk to these guys everyday and they are easy to deal with. Any issues are resolved quickly. It makes a difference when you have people interested in making things go smoothly. I find my Global Fuels rep great to work with – and I’ve never run out of fuel.”

Gary Davidson, Picton Esso

“It’s obvious to me that Global Fuels is behind me all the way. I knew about Global Fuels from dealing with them before I became an owner and there was no doubt in my mind they were the right choice for me. My rep is so knowledgeable and I can count on him to lead me in the right direction every time. When I have a promo he calls or visits to walk me through it. He’s always available when I have a question. I can’t think of another company you can call at any time, and they call back right away. I love it!”

Marjorie Boyd, owner Petawawa Esso since March 2015