About Us

We are Global Fuels

Leading Esso and Mobil Fuel Distributor in Canada.

Our dedicated team is fueling the growth of one of the fastest-growing independent gas station networks in the country.

As a dealer-driven distributor that exclusively serves independent retail gas stations, our success rides on the success of our dealers. That’s why our team is committed to helping gas station owners grow the value of their business, offering timely and expert support so that dealers can thrive in this competitive market. Global Fuels is the gasoline and diesel supplier of choice for hundreds of Canadian Small Business Owners.

Understand Our Core Values

Driven by a dedication to dealers, Global Fuels leads the way in reliability and efficiency as an Esso/Mobil Branded wholesale fuel distributor. Learn what drives our business.

Discover The Global Fuels Difference

Global Fuels is more than a gas station fuel distributor — we support the growth of the small businesses we serve. Find out how Global Fuels raises the bar in dealer-supplier partnerships.

Meet The Global Fuels Team

When you partner with Global, you join a team of dedicated managers with decades of industry expertise. Meet the Global Fuels Team.

Get to Know Our Brands

Global Fuels is the Leading Esso and Mobil fuel distributor in Canada. In addition to supplying Esso/Mobil Branded fuel & diesel, Global Fuels helps small business owners get the most out of their sites as Esso and Mobil brand experts. Explore the opportunities our brands have to offer.

Welcome Mobil to Canada

Global Fuels is delivering more options to Canadian motorists as state-of-the-art Mobil-branded gas stations open across Canada. We are proud to be the leading Branded Supplier for all Canadian Mobil sites. Learn all about Mobil in Canada.