PC Optimum

PC Optimum, Canada’s premiere shopper loyalty program, is now available at over 1,800 Esso and Mobil-branded gas stations across Canada.

The PC Optimum program began in 2018 with the merger of two of the country’s favourite loyalty programs: PC Plus and Shoppers Optimum. Today, customers can collect and redeem PC Optimum points at over 2,500 affiliated stores across Canada, including Loblaws, Superstore, and Shoppers Drug Mart.

The program is a massive hit with Canadian shoppers, with at least six million people signing on in the first year alone. Esso and Mobil gas station owners stand to benefit from this popularity.

About Esso, Mobil and PC Optimum

Since the summer of 2018, PC Optimum members have been able to earn points on eligible fuel, car wash, and convenience store purchases at Esso and Mobil gas station sites. PC Optimum cards are also available at Esso and Mobil locations for customers who wish to join.

Although customers cannot redeem PC Optimum points at Esso or Mobil, they can redeem the points they earn through gas station purchases at one of over 2,500 Loblaws-affiliated stores and websites.

For in-store purchases, customers can earn points by swiping their PC Optimum card or PC Financial MasterCard, scanning the barcode on their PC Optimum app, or entering the phone number associated with the account on the pin-pad. At the pump, PC Optimum members can swipe a card or key in the phone number associated with their account.

By the end of 2018, members will also be able to collect PC Optimum points on eligible Esso purchases through the Esso Speedpass+ App.

Learn more about he Esso/Mobil and PC Optimum partnership.

How PC Optimum Benefits Gas Station Owners

Esso and Mobil gas station dealers love PC Optimum almost as much as their customers do. The program offers numerous advantages to owners operating under the Esso or Mobil banner, with little time or effort required on their part.

  • Increased Visibility. Esso and Mobil are the only gas station brands in Canada that give customers the opportunity to earn PC Optimum points. To the six million PC Optimum members, this is a strong incentive to choose Esso and Mobil over the competition.
  • Customer Incentives. PC Optimum automatically serves customers with personalized offers each week, incentivizing purchases at Esso and Mobil locations.
  • Automated Process. The PC Optimum program integrates into existing point-of-sale systems, requiring little input from the dealers and their employees to process. Since customers cannot redeem points at Esso or Mobil locations, all you’ll have to do is scan. It’s simple and seamless.

To date, over 1,800 Esso gas stations and hundreds of Mobil gas stations enjoy these advantages.

How to Bring PC Optimum to Your Gas Station Site

Global Fuels is proud to be involved in bringing the PC Optimum program to Esso and Mobil gas station sites across Canada. As an Authorized Branded Distributor for both Mobil and Esso, we have helped hundreds of gas station owners bring their sites in line with the high standards of these brands.

We would love to discuss how to bring PC Optimum to your gas station site. Contact us to speak to a member of our team.

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