Global Fuels delivers top-performance Synergy® gasoline to ESSO and Mobil gas stations in Canada.

What is Synergy® Gasoline?

Synergy® is an advanced gasoline formula developed by Imperial Oil exclusively for retail gas stations. Harnessing seven key ingredients, Synergy® fuel technology maximises fuel economy and enhances engine performance.

All three grades of Synergy® gasoline have been meticulously engineered and tested to enhance fuel economy, shield intake valves and protect engines from rust, and prevent gunky build-up that cuts engine performance. The result is a top-performance fuel that takes Canadian drivers further.

In Canada, Synergy® is offered exclusively through ESSO and Mobil gas stations. As an ESSO and Mobil-branded fuel distributor, Global Fuels delivers Synergy® to independent gas station sites around the country.

Global Fuels Delivers Synergy®

Global Fuels is recognized by Imperial Oil as a leader in the Synergy® program. With an exhaustive knowledge of the ESSO and Mobil brand standards, Global Fuels has helped hundreds of independent dealers upgrade their gas station sites to Synergy®.

Global Fuels team members have been awarded Imperial Oil’s Synergy® Achievement Award for their leading work in delivering the Synergy® brand to Canada. Applying their expertises towards designing and implementing Synergy® upgrades that help gas station dealers maximize the performance of their site.

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