Core Values

Since our start in 2003, these values have encompassed our promise to provide dedicated, reliable branded fuel distributor service to independent gas retailers across Canada.

Our commitment to these core values shows in the difference we make to our clients. Read about how the Global Fuels Difference works in practice.

  • Dedication: We are more than a fuel distributor service. Global Fuels recognizes that our success rides on the success of the independent gas stations we serve. Like a good business partner, our team supports dealers in crucial ways that will strengthen their position and drive their success in the competitive gas station market.
  • Reliability: A reliable fuel distributor is the lynchpin of success in the gas station business. We are proud to have earned the trust of our clients through reliable fuel supply and delivery management, whether the site is located at the top of Front Street in Toronto or on the coast of New Brunswick.
  • Innovation: When the industry moves, we move with it. Global Fuels strives to keep pace with fuel service industry trends, driving our business forward with new ways to help our dealers grow. Our role in bringing Mobil to Canada is evidence of our commitment to growth.
  • Value: We can always do more, and we never stop looking for ways to add value to our dealers. Global Fuels leads the industry in additional services and exclusive offers that make life easier for independent gas station dealers.
  • Economics: Our team offers independent gas station dealers competitive rack-based rates. Global Fuels is dedicated to maintaining a low overhead to pass savings on to our dealers. We are proud of our reputation as a reliable Branded Fuel Distributor with transparent and traceable pricing that is tied to Esso Posted Rack. By being the most efficient Esso Branded Distributor, we offer the most competitive pricing.
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