Why Switch Gasoline Suppliers

Today, few gas station sites remain under the ownership of major refineries in Canada. Most, like yours, are independent retailers who have the choice of partnering with a wholesale fuel distributor to provide ongoing fuel delivery service to their site.

As a retail gas station owner, you understand that not all fuel delivery companies are equal. You know a strong supplier relationship is crucial to your success. Between volatile fuel prices, growing competition and fast-changing market trends, this is an industry where every cent — and every litre — counts.

Whether you operate under the banner of a major gas station or a smaller, regional brand, your choice of gasoline supplier can make a world of difference.

Why Global Fuels?

As the leading Esso and Mobil Branded Distributor, Global Fuels is trusted by hundreds of independent gas station owners to deliver on our promise of reliable, dedicated service.

Since our success rides on the success of our dealers, Global Fuels is dedicated to growing each site in our network and providing the tools dealers need to stand out in this competitive market.

  • Competitive, transparent rack-based pricing that bolsters dealer margins.
  • Reliable fuel delivery to retail sites across Canada.
  • Outstanding, personalized support by a team of knowledgeable agents and managers.
  • Day-to-day support in site development and ongoing operations.
  • Valuable services and group discounts on insurance rates, site maintenance, and more.
  • Global Fuels is solely dedicated to ensuring our Dealers succeed by providing competitive pricing, gas station operational & development expertise, strategic relationships, and best-in-class customer service.

Maximize Your Success as an Owner/Operator