Mobil In Canada

Canadian Mobil Brand Distributor

The year 2018 marked the entry of a new name in the Canadian gas station marketplace. Over 200 Mobil gas stations have opened their doors across Canada, offering more options for consumers and fresh opportunities for independent gas station owners.

Global Fuels is proud to partner with Imperial Oil as the leading Mobil branded distributor in Canada.

PC Optimum

Canada’s favourite loyalty program is now available at Esso and Mobil gas stations across Canada. The opportunity to earn PC Optimum points is yet another reason for customers to fill up with Synergy® fuel and choose Esso and Mobil.
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Learn more about PC Optimum in Mobil and Esso gas stations.

Synergy® Fuel

Synergy® is an advanced gasoline formula offered exclusively through Esso and Mobil gas stations in Canada. Designed and tested to boost fuel economy, Synergy® harnesses seven key ingredients to help drivers get better gas mileage and enhance vehicle performance in three unique ways: reducing energy deposits, protecting intake valves, and preventing build-up in the fuel system. Global Fuels is the leading Esso and Mobil distributor in Canada.

Learn more about the power of Synergy® fuel.

Delivery You Can Count On

Global Fuels is bringing our commitment to reliable Mobil Branded Fuel Supply to all Mobil gas stations in Canada. When you go with Mobil, you join a network of hundreds of independent gas stations who count on Global Fuels to fuel their success in this competitive market.

Learn more about the Global Fuels Difference.


Available exclusively at Esso and Mobil gas stations, the Speedpass+ app for Android and Apple devices makes it easier than ever to pay at the pump. All Mobil gas stations will have Speedpass+ integration from day one.

Learn more about Speedpass+ for Esso and Mobil.

BG Fuels Partnership

Global Fuels is proud to partner with BG Fuels to bring the Mobil brand to Canada. BG Fuels owns and operates the Loblaw Mobil gas stations across Canada. Global Fuels worked with BG Fuels to execute the rebranding of the Loblaw gas stations to Mobil in 2018. Global is now focused on bringing the Mobil brand to dealers across the country.

For retailer opportunities or to learn more about BG Fuels.

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