Gas Station Economics

Here in Canada, there are over 11,000 retail gas stations serving up 96 distinct brands of fuel. Most are branded independent retailers who purchase and sell gasoline under a refiner’s brand. The price transparency of gas, along with relatively thin profit margins, make retail gas one of the most competitive markets out there. Despite these challenges, with sound decision-making and strong partnerships, the Canadian retail gas market can be highly lucrative for owners.

Stable, reliable fuel distributor relationships are one of the single most important factors in the success or failure of a gas station business. Dealers need fuel delivery on time and at a fair, reasonable price. Many gas stations also depend on ancillary products and services, like convenience stores and restaurants, both in their ability to draw customers to the pumps and the additional income they provide.

Global Fuels has been around since 2003, but our winning team has been working in the industry in various roles for many years. The breadth of gas station and fuel delivery service experience, along with the connections we have nurtured within the gasoline industry, makes Global Fuels the best Branded Fuel Distributor for small business owners who want to establish and grow a thriving business in Canada.

We have made our commitment to efficiency and innovation a key part of our Core Values. As a Esso/Mobil Branded Fuel Distributor, Global Fuels has a finger on the pulse of Canadian gas station economics. We’re continually moving forward to help the owners in our network meet changing consumer demands and preferences.

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Small Esso Station at Night with Pumps Lit